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Welcome to our weekly “FRESH IDEAS” post.

Had a busy week and feeling a little lost in the water cooler banter? We’ve got you covered. Once a week, we’ll share some of our favorite brand stunts and announcements, trending topics, tech news, and social media buzz that stand out from the herd.

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2.20.17 to 2.24.17


Fun Facts: Throughout 2016, “Spring Break” was mentioned 10,131,401 times on social media. Most of the conversation took part between February 21st, 2016 through March 10th, 2016.








How Brands Have Gotten Involved In The Past
Brands use ‘Spring Break’ as a great opportunity to connect with the millennial audience because they see it as a vital opportunity to a word-of-mouth success. Back in the day, it was more of being present in the moment to advertise their products to the large crowds of young adults.

Gillete once created and sponsored beachfront lounges in the U.S.’s most popular Spring Break destinations like Panama City Beach, South Padre Island, and Daytona Beach to promote their products.

Emergen-C partnered up with hotels in the same tropical areas to provide samples in the rooms and bards to reinvent itself as the ultimate hangover cure.

Crest created pop-up tooth brushing stations outside of nightclubs.

Axe executed the “Axe Boot Camp: Spring Break Readiness,” a military styled commercial to prepare guys on how to handle the amount of women they would be all over them when they wore Axe.

Victoria’s Secret gave away 10,000 swimsuits to Spring Breakers staying at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort in Panama City Beach and then had a mini runway show contest.

Now, It’s Different…
But the goal remains the same: target those college students. Although the reach has deviated itself from being physically present at the most popular destinations, it’s shifted into being more social media present.

Hollister’s Snapchat Story
The retailer sponsored the Spring Break Story and showcased two men trying to impress the same girl throughout a narrative. The story then went to more organic engagement with Spring Breakers submitting their photos and images into the story.











Trojan: It’s All About Staying Safe!
The condom brand used Snapchat as well to promote their products. The story featured men packing their bags for their trip and making sure they took their condoms to stay safe.3










Redbull’s Airdrop
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s REDBULLS! Watch the epic airdrop and the reaction of the Spring Breakers in Panama City Beach back in 2015.








I Could Use Some Wine Right MEOW!
Better than Happy Hour with your co-workers, you can now have Happy Hour with your cat. Apollo Peak created non-alcoholic “wines” for cats and dogs that are made with organic herbs and fresh beets.








Window To The World
Toyota just made road trips waaay better. The newly developed interactive windows that can be used to draw objects, zoom in, and identify surroundings.


Ky-rispy Kreme Shoes
Nike and the famous doughnut shop Krispy Kreme teamed up to create an edible looking show in honor of Kyrie Irving. They were sold in a food truck that was parked outside the Quicken Loans Arena and people were extremely excited to get a pair of shoes [and doughnuts] in their hands.









A hotel that gives you a separate towel for makeup








A highlighter that lets you see what you’re highlighting















A coffee shop menu that shows how much coffee is in each drink





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