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Fresh Ideas: Spring Happenings

Welcome to our weekly “FRESH IDEAS” post.

Had a busy week and feeling a little lost around water cooler banter? We’ve got you covered. Once a week, we’ll share some FRESH IDEAS with you, including our favorite brand stunts and announcements, trending topics, tech news, and social media buzz that stand out from the herd.

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Heineken’s “Worlds Apart”

Heineken Worlds Apart

Despite the differences and often hate that people face every day. Heineken Publicis London created the “Worlds Apart” campaign, where they paired strangers with completely opposite beliefs and together they built up chairs, a bar, and a relationship where they can decide to discuss their differences while having a beer, or walk away. Watch what happens.

Tinder For… Animals?

2The “Most Eligible Bachelor in the World” is the world’s last male Northern White Rhino. The rhino recently joined Tinder to find love and as a last ditch effort to keep the species alive. The campaign aims to raise $9 million for fertility research and is the brain child of a Kenyan wildlife conservancy and Tinder.



The Dorito Bag That Sings

3Marvel Studios and Frito-Lay joined forces to create a campaign to promote the upcoming movie Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2. Each limited edition Doritos’ snack bag will have cassette inspired technology on the front, with the entire soundtrack loaded. Snack and sing by just plugging your headphones into the bag, which also happens to be rechargeable.


KFC In Space

4With Budweiser looking into alternatives to brew beer on Mars, KFC wants to take their Zinger Chicken Sandwich to space. The campaign, created by Wieden + Kennedy, shows the new Colonel (Rob Lowe) informing the American public about KFC’s space mission.



The Light Phone

4Sometimes, it’s just better to disconnect. The Light Phone was created for this purpose. It weights 38.5 grams, you can transfer your calls from your smartphone, and the battery can last up to three days. The purpose of the phone is to give people a break from technology, with a device only used to make and receive calls. Didn’t we used to have something like that?


6The ride sharing company is planning on taking over the skies as well with UberElevate. The aspiration to build an urban air transportation network was announced at its Elevation Summit event. By 2020, the company expects to have a craft prototype with the help of their partnerships with aerospace companies and cities.


Burger King’s Spain Video Game

7“Burger Clan” is a creation with a partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment and is a video game that will boost the brand’s delivery service. The campaign involves nine professional gamers that represent FIFA’17 and Call of Duty, for example. Those who take part in the game must have a PlayStation Plus account, and the gamers will be the ones taking the orders to send out to delivery.


13 Reasons Why You Matter

8Netflix’s new show, 13 Reasons Why has been incredibly successful, yet very controversial. Some people truly appreciate its message while others believe that it’s putting too much focus on teen suicide.

In response to some of the backlash, Netflix came up with a social media campaign to motivate teens to express to their loved ones the “Reasons Why You Matter,” which ran on their Instagram Stories and
YouTube accounts.


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