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Fresh Ideas: Summer Trends

Welcome to our weekly “Fresh Ideas” post.

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Had a busy week and feeling a little lost around water cooler banter? We’ve got you covered. Once a week, we’ll share some Fresh Ideas with you, including our favorite brand stunts and announcements, trending topics, tech news, and social media buzz that stand out from the herd.

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1. For The Days You Just Want to Forget

Fresh Ideas

Brazilian beer Boca Maldita created a campaign in conjunction with four infamous dating service Ashley Madison taglines to help people that get caught cheating, or being cheated on, drown on their sorrows. The campaign was created by Brazilian agency Candy Shop.

2. Save The Americans

Fresh Ideas
Planning where to go this summer? We’ve got you covered. The “Save The Americans” campaign was created by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute for the U.S. and Canadian markets. The campaign incorporates the diverse animals, flora, and fauna that the country has to offer while they sing a song for the overworked.

3. Bus Stop With Sunscreen

Bus Stop with Sunscreen

Knowing the risks with being exposed to the sun for too long, Cooch Creative created a billboard for the Sun Smart Cancer Council Western Australia in a bus stop that dispensed sunscreen. The campaign’s purpose was to remind beachgoers to protect their skin while enjoying their time out in the sun.

4. HomeAway Ft. Kid President

Kid President

Vacation rental marketplace, HomeAway, teamed with Kid President for a summer campaign to figure out where kids really want to go for vacation. The campaign ran along with the “Kids Rule Contest,” where participants uploaded a family photo to win a vacation of their choice. The campaign increased HomeAway’s social media drive, as well as more people visiting their landing page.

5. Books On The Beach

Books On The Beach

IKEA Australia released the “Books on the Beach” campaign right on time for the summer to remind beachgoers that books were still relevant even though school was over. The campaign also had a charitable component, which meant that a number of books sold went to the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation.

6. Sprite Showers

Sprite Showers

For those who have been to the South American country know that Brazil is one of the hottest countries to be at during the summer. For this, Sprite created the Sprite Showers in a popular beach in the area to keep guests cool.

7. Coppertone’s New Look

Coppertone's New Look

PadillaCRT helped Coppertone with a campaign that helped many think differently about sunscreen.  The purpose of the campaign was to promote the “Clear Sheer” Coppertone edition, they repackaged and renamed it as “Clair” the sunscreen with a more “chic” look and explained it as a luxurious, lightweight and moisturizing sunscreen. When people were about to buy the new fancy product, they realized it was actually Coppertone, showing that perception was everything.

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