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Fresh Ideas: Music Activations

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Had a busy week and feeling a little lost around water cooler banter? We’ve got you covered. Once a week, we’ll share some Fresh Ideas with you, including our favorite brand stunts and announcements, trending topics, tech news, and social media buzz that stand out from the herd.

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1. Apple + Musical.ly

Apple and Musical.ly

Tech giant Apple is partnering with Muscial.ly, a popular music video app to provide music pieces to the service. This connection would give Apple a new marketing opportunity, allowing members who use Muscial.ly to play full songs within the app.

2. VR Music


LyraVR is a virtual reality platform that lets you compose, perform and share musical compositions in 3D. Through the use of movement, users are able to create musical pieces through the atmosphere around them. CEO Dilun Ho announced LyraVR will be available before the end of this year.

3. Spotify Codes

Sptify Codes

Spotify’s new creation makes it easier to share and find music. With Spotify Codes, users are able to create and share their own QR codes, similar to Snapchat. According to Spotify, this feature will allow users to follow friend’s playlist and share them on their own social media channels

4. Pandora’s Thumbprint Radio

Pandora's Thumbprint Radio

When Pandora launched Thumbprint Radio, a feature that compiles all the songs that users like or “thumbs up” during the tears, they partnered with 33 social media influencers to promote the nostalgia of the special moment when they heard the song.

In efforts to target millennials, the campaign’s [created by Funworks] slogans were “That’s my shit,” “That’s my jam,” and “That’s my ish.”

5. Spotify’s Quest to Bring Back Artists

Spotify and Mediachain

Spotify is teaming with Mediachain to create a more transparent and rewarding music industry for artists. Operating on the block chain, it can be used as a source for tracking music rights. Additionally, Mediachain has knowledge in the music industry, and will be an asset for Spotify’s Quest toward better attributing songs to artists and rights holders.

6. iTunes & Windows

iTunes and Windows

In a surprising announcement, Apple revealed that iTunes is coming to the Windows Store.  This will be Apple’s first addition to the store and it’s unclear if the application’s design will change to match Windows’ layout. Windows announced it would be released by the end of the year.

7. Samsung & Google Play

Samsung and Google Play

Google Play will now be the default music player on new Samsung devices. Additionally, new devices will come with a free three-month trial of Google Play Music. Samsung users will also be able to ask Bixby (a new intelligent interface) to play a song, which will immediately start playing on Google Play.

8. Spotify & Waze

Spotify and Waze

The new partnership between Waze and Spotify will make it easier than ever to play music and navigate seamlessly. Now, users will be able to stream music in the Waze App. Additionally, users can continue to receive navigation instructions while in the music app.

8. Spotify’s Personalized Music

Spotify Personalized Music

Spotify bought Al startup Niland, which provides accurate search and recommendation options for music. This purchase will help create tailored playlists for users, making finding new music easier than ever. The self-learning machine will continue to improve an individual’s recommended playlist, and learn how to further personalize their music experience.

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