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This week we highlight our favorite weekly campaigns. From those that took home the big Grand Pix award at Cannes, to the introduction of new furry faces from one of our favorite brands, here’s what you need to know about the latest advertising happenings.

1. When You Do That 23andMe Test

Ancestry recreated a painting with people from different ethnicities for their 4th of July campaign. The motive for the activation was to demonstrate how the nation has evolved from the days of white men in powdered wigs.

2. Cheers to the Superhumans


The “We’re the Superhumans” ad won a Cannes Grand Prix prize for Film. The campaign showcased more than 140 disabled people and focused on the stories of Paralympic athletes and the challenges they’ve overcome. Watch here to be inspired by these amazing supermans.

3. About Those Happy Meal Toys

Happy Meal Toys

Raise your hand if you only went to McDonald’s for the Happy Meal toy (Ok, their fries are pretty good too.) Delish released an article with the most popular toy of the year since 1977. Is anyone else having a nostalgic moment remembering the McWrist Wallet, mini furbies, and the sky dancers?

4. What To Do When Your Favorite Menu Item Discontinues

KFC Tweet

One man was determined to get answers from KFC. He tweeted every single day for almost a year until the fast food chain brought the Hot Devil Drumlets. Situations like these show us that anything is possible with the power of social media. Should we tweet Starbucks to bring that unicorn drink back?

5. Toyota Completes First In-Home Human Support Robot Trial In North America

Support Robot

Toyota just finished its first in-home trial in North America of the Human Support Robot platform (HSR). The system is one of the mobile assistant bots that the brand is using to improve the quality of life of people. A U.S. war veteran that was left paralyzed created the robot; it has visual sensors and articulating arm appendage for assistance.

6. Instagram [Stories] Everywhere

Instagram Stories

Instagram’s campaign “Stories Are Everywhere” launched in the U.S., Germany and Italy to show creative people can be with certain stickers. This was one of the platform’s most successful campaigns, and users used their artistic juices to post their skills on the stories for the world to see. The campaign’s success was certainly shown at Cannes Lions this year by taking a Film Grand Prix.

7. Move Over, Taco Bell Chihuahua 

Kia Turbo

To introduce the company’s new Soul Turbo vehicle, Kia Motors introduced a new baby and very hyper hamster named Turbo to the family. The adorable creature portrays the new Soul Turbo as an energetic newcomer to the Kia family. “We wanted to introduce a more narrative approach to the hamster campaign than we have in the past, something that signified a new chapter for Kia,” said Saad Chehab, Americas VP of Marketing.

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