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Had a busy week and feeling a little lost around water cooler banter? We’ve got you covered. Once a week, we’ll share some of our favorite brand stunts and announcements, trending topics, tech news, and social media buzz that stand out from the herd.

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Fun Fact: One in seven fans call in sick just to catch a March Madness tournament.









Pedal Power

Pizza Hut made ordering pizza during your favorite game so much easier with their “Pie Tops.” The limited edition shoes have a button in the tongue of the sneakers that have a geolocation for the pizza to be delivered to your location.








All State is usually the NCAA’s corporate partner. The brand uses the “Mayhem” character, played by Dean Winters, who takes over the official @Mayhem Twitter account that has almost 100K followers where he makes fun of how obsessive people get over the tournaments.










The Official March Madness Candy

In 2015 as the official NCAA candy sponsor, the brand created a social media campaign on “Final Four Fridays” and a “Reese’s College All Star Game” for students to show on social media their favorite basketball moments to win special prizes. They also conducted the “Put Reese’s In Your Starting Lineup” campaign for the audience to select their five favorite Reese’s candy.










Sweet 16

4C Insights, a worldwide data company with headquarters in Chicago created a Sixteen Bracket after analyzing the tv advertisements throughout the tournament based on social media engagement by calculating the Twitter and Facebook clicks. Check out the “Brand Madness” brackets here.










Other Brand’s Cool Social Media Posts






















Fasten @ SXSW

After the city of Austin required Uber and Lyft drivers to have fingerprinted background checks, both companies stepped out. This is now giving Fasten, a new driving service, a chance to shine during SXSW. The company partnered with SXSW to provide guests a riding service after events or partiers, having results of 250% increase in business.






Sony’s Motion Sonic Wristband

Don’t follow the sound, let the sound follow you.

Sony showed up to SXSW with a wristband that uses movement to manipulate sound. The band is part of the Motion Sonic project that uses microphones to collect data on arm and leg movements.








Mashable House: More Than Meets The Eye

During the event, Mashable created a Mashable House for guests to surround themselves with unique and innovative activities. Some activities included yoga, crafting the perfect Paloma drink, create art in a temperature-based installation, and re-create Beyonce’s epic pregnancy announcement picture.








Step Into My Box

McDonald’s created a loft in 2016 that let guests create custom sundaes and burgers. It also used virtual reality to step inside of a Happy Meal box and use laser paint or a paintbrush to decorate the box. Those who participated received a GIF of their VR experience to share on social media.








Amazon to Launch Spanish Website

Amazon’s U.S. website will soon release a Spanish website, hoping to delight the 40 million Spanish-speaking and 10 million bilingual Spanish-English speaking Americans.

Univision and Nielsen Partner Up

To better position Univision’s radio content and advertising, the company partnered with Nielsen Audio. Since radio reaches 98% of all Hispanics throughout the month, this is the opportunity to better position dollars into programming and marketing decisions. Brands often face the issue of spending too much money on the wrong content, so a partnership like this can benefit both consumers and brands.

Coupon Life

Stats show that 9/10 Hispanics search online for deals and 85% print coupons before going to the store. 9/10 also said they’re willing to switch stores as long as they find a better deal and 8/10 said they decide where to shop based on where they can use paperless discounts (such as in mobile devices and loyalty programs).



Mini Picnic Grill











Vegetable huggers






“Grill and chill” BBQ donut



You Can’t Force Diversity. Instead, Look For Places Where It Grows Naturally.

By Miguel Piedra, Principal & Managing Partner, RockOrange


Last month, Palo Alto-based computer hardware developer HP made news when its CMO issued an ultimatum to its PR and advertising partners, exhorting them to submit plans for those agencies to become more diverse in the next 30 days.

In the letter, Antonio Lucio put HP’s roster of agencies on notice. That includes some of the most prominent names in our industry: FleishmanHillard and Porter Novelli for PR; and BBDO, Fred & Farid, and Gyro for advertising.

Lucio’s goal is laudable. The communications and creative world is overwhelmingly white and male. Hispanics, African-Americans and women are chronically underrepresented—doubly so in leadership roles. This at least partly explains many of the embarrassingly tone deaf and cringe-worthy campaigns that have tried unsuccessfully to court these demographics. To understand a culture, one must have at least some mooring in that culture. To execute a successful campaign, you need at least one person in the room who understands the target demographic. Too often, there are none.

But for diversity to take hold and deliver real, positive outcomes, the organization must truly believe in it. Lucio’s heart is in the right place. But from an internal, agency perspective, I can see the natural progression of what will come from this strategy. Ultimatum delivered, the hiring partners will scramble to keep the business. No one is in business to lose money. So whether or not they believe in the core value of diversity becomes beside the point. They will have their talent acquisition and human resources teams do what is necessary to ensure the business is kept. But in the end, if someone is hired as a show pony, or as a token nod to diversity, that is how he or she will be treated. How does that achieve the desired end of viewing projects through different lenses?

Understand, diversity is two-pronged: you must first hire a collection of individuals from different backgrounds, and then empower them to have an effect on your business. It is hard to imagine an agency compelled to hire or promote to meet a client ultimatum will deign to do the latter. The only thing that gets more diversity is the Meet the Team page on their website.

Instead, brands like HP would do well to hire agencies that already value diversity and show the veracity of that belief through their staffing.

There are many agencies around the country that look and act like ours. At RockOrange we are not only minority owned, but more than two thirds of our agency is comprised of women and at any given moment we are 75-80 percent black or Hispanic. Our RockStars range in age from 22 to 50s. We draw from a rich array of life experiences, employing talent from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds.

It wasn’t difficult to do this, and it wasn’t an accident. Miami is an overwhelmingly diverse city, a tapestry of black, white, brown, and all shades between, serving as a model for the next American generation. If you’re a believer in demographic data and population trends, Miami—and by extension our agency—looks a lot like how the country will look in 2050.

But our adherence to diversity as a value is rooted in more than simple geography. Many of our team members have worked in homogenous environments where everyone is from the same place and brings similar experiences. The effect is a deafening echo chamber where disagreement is viewed as dissention. Lack of diversity fosters groupthink, narrowing the collective view. The narrower the view, the broader the blind spot. It’s a dangerous way to do business. It’s how a campaign winds up comparing Naomi Campbell to a chocolate bar. It’s how every Latino menu item at national chains ends up being “spicy” or “fiery”.

For executives like Lucio who understand the underlying business proposition behind diversity, there are alternatives to shoehorning it into the vast organizations they hire—admirable a goal though it may be. Our agency has diversity baked into its very DNA. And while we work with mostly national or international brands, everyone’s unique point of view is not just respected—it’s required. We make diversity work for us, and for our clients.

Instead, try working with agencies that are already built that way. As someone who has worked on both the client side as a chief communicator and the agency side as an owner, I can attest that the work product is guaranteed to be more authentic and appealing when it comes from a room of different people with diverging opinions.

An agency that needs to be told to make itself more diverse has a long hill to climb before it becomes truly diverse. For those who see the value, there’s no such thing as scrambling to keep the business with token hires.

RockOrange Makes Trash Trend with Anti-Litter Campaign

Keep Us Fit, Pick Up Your…


That was the call-to-action for the City of Miami Beach’s “Keep Miami Beach Clean,” the city’s first-ever anti-litter campaign, that RockOrange conceptualized and launched earlier this year.

Targeting the younger, millennial generation and regional day-trippers, the campaign was aimed at getting people to make a connection between keeping the city fit by exercising common sense and tossing trash and recyclables in the right place.

The Fresh Ideas

Using real people who live in, work on and love Miami Beach, as the models for a series of visuals showing people how to trash their trash and recycle their recyclables while keeping fit, RockOrange created shareable content with made-you-look-twice taglines including “Keep Us Fit, Pick Up Your…” and “Keep Miami Beach Clean AF (and fit).”

blog1 blog2








The content was pushed out across multiple channels, online and offline, including: billboard style posters throughout Miami Beach, including buildings, bus shelters and on the back of buses; online via the City’s social media channels, and; in print and broadcast advertising spots.

Recognizing Miami’s diverse demographics, the content was produced in both English and Spanish language to make sure that the message was received loud and clear by everyone and that language wasn’t cited as a barrier to keeping the beach clean.
To amplify the campaign message further, RockOrange designed a character – Mr. MB Clean – that would personify and act as a visual spokesperson for the campaign. We took the character to a series of Miami Beach community events including Commissioner Michael Grieco’s Spring Break Cleanup, Winter Music Conference, Spring Break, Flotopia, Ciclovia and the Fire on the Fourth Festival and had him interact with the public for photo opportunities and to promote the campaign message.

The Solid Results

The campaign continues to be a huge success.

The ‘Clean AF’ semi-viral launch ads drove awareness, shares and heated discussions with over 200 thousand interactions in social communities. Overall sentiment was positive, with an article in Curbed Miami running a poll that gave the ads an 80 percent approval rating.


And Mr. Clean proved even more popular. Photos from the character’s appearances, combined with snaps of the ad spots have driven over 780 mentions online and 8.2 million impressions to date using the campaign hashtag, #KeepMBClean. Additionally, through the event activations over 10,000 people have been exposed to the campaign.









As Mr. MB Clean continues to attend events and the broadcast commercial rolls out on local and regional networks and during previews at South Beach’s Lincoln Road Mall movie theater, those numbers are only set to increase.

Snapchat or Instagram?

A few weeks ago we asked our RockStars – Why Snapchat? As reports came out stating that Snapchat was sitting second only to Facebook in the amount of time users spend in social apps beating out Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger among others it seemed that the newest social network on the block was unstoppable.

But now with Instagram launching it’s (look-a-like) ‘Instagram Stories’ feature, we asked our RockStars what they think the new feature means for Snapchat’s audience. Which social network will reign supreme when it comes to instantaneous storytelling?

Watch our video to find out what they had to say.

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