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This one is dedicated to all travel bugs. There is nothing more comforting than knowing the airline you’re flying with truly cares about their customers, and for that, we’ve rounded up the best campaigns and activations airlines have done in the past. Hopefully this inspires some to pack their bags and go explore the beautiful world we live in.

1. You Will Wish A Baby Cries On The Plane


Let’s be honest… whenever we hop on a plane and you are either travelling with a child or you have a baby next to you, the instant fear of “OMG! Please don’t cry!” Or “This baby is going to cry” comes to mind. Our dear friends and clients at JetBlue felt us all cringe, and in turn created “FlyBabies”, a stunt that offered a 25% discount to passengers every time a baby cried. Meaning, if four babies cried, all passengers would get a free round-trip ticket for their next JetBlue flight.

2. Coca-Cola Inspiring Humanity


This one made us tear up a little bit because we LOVE kindness! Coca-Cola and JetBlue partnered as part of the “Share a Coke” campaign at New York’s Penn Station’s vending machine. For those who purchased a Coca-Cola, two would come out of the machine to encourage them to share the second one. To those who took this generous turn, a JetBlue representative came up to them and shared two round-trip tickets.

This is not the first time Coca-Cola and airlines motivate passengers to an act of kindness. They partnered with WestJet the year before to encourage them to create custom cans for friends and family. Those who did won a free plane ticket with the flight barcode on the side of the can.

3. Icelandair’s ‘Stopover Buddy’


Think of this as a modern PayPal version for travellers. Icelandair created the ‘Stopover Buddy’ service that allowed customers to go to Iceland for up to seven nights while on their routes from Europe to North America. The service would pair passengers with members of the airline’s team or locals that know the area, allowing passengers to have a unique and genuine Iceland experience. The campaign boosted the airline’s sales by 30%.

4. When Someone Tells You Santa Isn’t Real


This one is old but gold. WestJet immediately turned into one of our favorite airlines with their Christmas Miracle campaign. While boarding from Toronto to Hamilton, Ontario, passengers were asked what they wanted for Christmas. While WestJet representatives took notes, they put their elf hats on and purchased and wrapped the presents for them to receive upon their arrival at the baggage carousel.

5. Everyone Has An Hour To Spare!


Business trips can be extremely hectic and exhausting. Virgin America took this opportunity to highlight all the things that can be done in various cities in just one hour to encourage business [or pleasure] travelers to make the most out of their trips. Part of these fun activities varied from indoor skating in Montreal to visiting the memorial library in Indianapolis.

6. When Your Resume Is On Point


Emirates “Be There” campaign gave “Globalistas,” aka, their employees, an opportunity to travel and discover the world. Their journeys were documented to demonstrate how the brand’s employees’ value the same passion and desire as the passengers. The campaign began with cabin crew training specialist, Rahed Ammoura, and partnered with National Geographic to broadcast the stories.

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Meeting With A Design Legend

By Johanne Pradel Wilson

I’ve had the chance to do some pretty great things during my time with RockOrange. But my recent opportunity to work alongside noted design legend Paula Scher, who has been an inspiration over the course of my career, takes the cake.

First, some background: RockOrange has been working with Frost Science to strategically develop their brand voice. The museum is preparing to move to a stunning new structure in the heart of Downtown Miami at Museum Park that promises to bring a whole new — and needed — experience to the community.

As their summer 2016 ribbon-cutting draws closer, Frost Science is fine-tuning every detail to take full advantage of this singular moment. Across the aisle from us in the brand development wings is New York-based Pentagram — the renowned design firm — whose team has worked on developing Frost Science’s visual identity.

Scher, one of Pentagram’s partners, is the woman behind Frost Science’s new logo and brand mark, as well as countless other powerful brands. During a late-May brand meeting, the RockStars had the chance to meet with her and the Frost team to review the new materials.

Now, this is a woman who, over the course of her career, helped create iconic identity and branding systems, promotional materials, environmental graphics, packaging and publication designs for some major players, including Citibank, Tiffany & Co., Microsoft and Coca-Cola. Scher is among my favorite designers and art directors that have influenced my work, and her books sit on my go-to shelf with my other favorites by Paul Rand, Herb Lubalin and Stefan Sagmeister.

My love affair with her work began when I studied her iconic work for New York’s Public Theater, featuring legendary tap dancer Savion Glover. The combination of dynamic dance photography and kinetic typography clearly communicated a sense of what the experience at the theater would be. The work was — and still is — so New York.

Through Scher’s work, I learned the importance of creating work that makes people “feel.” Hearing her describe the principles behind her work for Frost Science reminded me of why I got into the creative business in the first place. She has been a constant guiding light in my career, and I was thrilled to meet her and personally share with her what her work has meant to me.

I even scored a picture!

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