August Rockstar of the Month: Yanet Sellek

Congrats to our August Rockstar of the Month: Yanet Sellek!

Calm, cool and collecting all our numbers, Yanet is the toughest finance manager we know. She spends her days making sure the numbers are in order and the business is running smoothly.

“Yanet exhibits precision and professionalism in everything she does,” said RockOrange principal, Miguel Piedra. “She is an integral part of RockOrange and we are so grateful to have her on our team.”

As if that wasn’t enough, for the last year Yanet has also been pursuing a Master in Finance degree from FIU.  Rockstar by day, and student by night, Yanet just graduated from this prestigious program and wow- are we SO proud of her accomplishment! Congrats to our recent grad and August Rockstar!

June Rockstar of the Month: Elise Rodriguez

Congrats to our June Rockstar of the Month: Elise Rodriguez!

We are kicking off our summer with our Rockstar and very own rap star, Elise Rodriguez! Elise is one of our PR pros that isn’t afraid to handle any situation thrown at her. Her work with national accounts like Lyft and local elite clients like Gulliver Prep is always detailed and thorough. Her determination and positive outlook in life allow her to solve any problem she faces.

VP of Media Relations Paulina Naranjo sees Elise’s hard work and dedication every day.

“Elise is always prepared and consistently asks what else she can do to deliver results,” said Naranjo.

When she’s not finding pitching media or running events for one of her clients, she’s on a shoot for her fashion blog Glam Piece. We thank you, Elsie and are so happy to call you a Rockstar.

May Rockstar of the Month: Patty Jimenez

Patty Jimenez, Senior Account Manager

Congrats to our May Rockstar of the Month: Patty Jimenez!

We want to say a very deserved THANK YOU to our amazing Senior Account Manager, Patty Jimenez. Her incredible commitment to her clients and her extraordinary ability to finesse stressful situations make her an invaluable part of our team. She has delivered impressive results for some of our most prestigious client partners, including DrivenBrands, Xtend Barre, Versy and Modern Health Concepts.

Always willing to lend a hand when it is needed, Patty is a model team player and wonderful part of our RockOrange family.

“Patty consistently delivers and takes her work to new levels,” said VP of Content, David Quinones. “She’s an integral part of the success we’ve achieved for our client, DrivenBrands, and the agency as a whole.”

BIG UPS, Patty, for your brain and your brawn. We tip our hats to you!

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