Ray Muñoz

VP, Operations and Client Services

As head of agency client services and operations, Ray is the oil that keeps the engine running smoothly here at RockOrange.

Armed with an unwavering thirst for all things design, Ray graduated from the Art Institute with a degree in Graphic Design and has been in the industry ever since. As art director for Harper’s BAZAAR En Español, he was responsible for maintaining creative integrity of the major fashion magazine for the Latin American market.

In 2005, Ray launched his own design firm called RM Graphic Designs, where he has worked, to this day, with global brands such as Estée Lauder. But no matter how much he tried just designing, his knack for problem solving and management seemed to be his true calling. He began to move up the corporate ladder into company operations.

Ray officially became a RockStar after almost six years as senior manager of kabookaboo Marketing, where he oversaw intranet management and communications for the firm’s largest client, while working with its creative director on multiple award-winning campaigns, including Burger King, Goldman Properties, Cartier and Cleveland Clinic.

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