Yanet Sellek

Finance Controller

Born and raised in Cuba, Yanet is RockOrange’s numbers master.

Her love of finance and her natural affinity with numbers have enhanced her ability for numerical analysis and shaped her career over the years. Yanet has extensive experience in finance across various industries. In the past, she has worked for the Import-Export Corporation in Cuba, UNIFRANZ University in Bolivia, and the Daytop organization in New York City.

Earlier in her career, Yanet earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Havana University. Later on, she received a certification in Accounting Principles from Baruch College in New York. Her goal is to constantly move forward, always looking to achieve more tomorrow that she did today.

When she’s not in the office crunching the numbers, she can be spotted going for a walk by South Pointe Park or simply relaxing at the beach.


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