August Rockstar of the Month: Yanet Sellek

Yanet Sellek

Congrats to our August Rockstar of the Month: Yanet Sellek! Calm, cool and collecting all our numbers, Yanet is the toughest finance manager we know. She spends her days making sure the numbers are in order and the business is running smoothly. “Yanet

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June Rockstar of the Month: Elise Rodriguez

Elise Rodriguez

Congrats to our June Rockstar of the Month: Elise Rodriguez! We are kicking off our summer with our Rockstar and very own rap star, Elise Rodriguez! Elise is one of our PR pros that isn’t afraid to handle any situation

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May Rockstar of the Month: Patty Jimenez

Patty Jimenez, Senior Account Manager

Congrats to our May Rockstar of the Month: Patty Jimenez! We want to say a very deserved THANK YOU to our amazing Senior Account Manager, Patty Jimenez. Her incredible commitment to her clients and her extraordinary ability to finesse stressful

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