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Welcome to our weekly “Fresh Ideas” post.

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    Contributed by Nathalia Cadena

Had a busy week and feeling a little lost around water cooler banter? We’ve got you covered. Once a week, we’ll share some Fresh Ideas with you, including our favorite brand stunts and announcements, trending topics, tech news, and social media buzz that stand out from the herd.

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It’s been under much debate whether or not brands should activate around national holidays and notable dates. While we’ve all seen our fair share of brand fails with this approach (cough, cough… Coca-Cola), here are a few brands who are #winning when it comes to creating fresh ways to engage consumers around key celebratory dates.

1. National Pride Month

National Pride Month

Equinox and The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center got together for Pride Month this June and created an expressive short film called The LGBTQAlphabet. Besides the filmmaking you want to “Work it”, the film was created with the intentions of showing how varied the LBGT community truly is and to proudly celebrate diversity.

2. National Donut Day

National Donut Day

What’s better than regular donuts? FREE DONUTS! Dunkin’ Donuts celebrated National Donut Day this year by giving out free classic donuts of their choice with the purchase of any drink.

3. No Dirty Dishes Day

No Dirty Dishes Day

Thanks to Postmates and National No Dirty Dishes Day there will not be an argument on who’s turn it is to clean the dishes. Postmates gave out 10,000 free pizzas to Miami Residents who downloaded the app the same day as National No Dirty Dishes Day.

4. National Peace Day

National Peace Day

Imagine if Marty McFly and Biff Tannen, for one day, let go of their differences and got together. That’s exactly what Burger King had in mind when they proposed the McWhopper for National Peace Day to McDonalds. Burger King sent McDonalds an “open letter” suggesting to get together and make a McWhooper which was to be sold only one day; and that day would be Peace Day. The campaign was so successful and gained so much attention that it won a Grand Prix.

5. National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day

What better way celebrate National Ice Cream Day, then to celebrate it with your best friend? PetSmart unveiled the Doggie Ice Cream Truck where pet owners could take their doggies for a free dog safe ice cream to beat the heat on National Ice Cream Day.

6. Cinco De Mayo Day

Cinco De Mayo Day

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise made its way into social media on Cinco de Mayo by creating their own #CincodeMAYO campaign. Through humor and engaging with fans, other major brands, and famous people they were able to achieve 4,000 engagements one day.

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Contributed by Carolina Cepeda Vigoya


Welcome to our weekly “FRESH IDEAS” post.

Had a busy week and feeling a little lost around water cooler banter? We’ve got you covered. Once a week, we’ll share some of our favorite brand stunts and announcements, trending topics, tech news, and social media buzz that stand out from the herd.

Saw something awesome that we should have included? Share it in the comments section below!


3.20.17 – 3.26.17

Fun Fact: Meat-lover Simon Smith changed his name to ‘Bacon Double Cheeseburger.’

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 2.24.18 PMEach week, we ask our RockStars to pin a hashtag on a buzzworthy trend, news topic, or fun fact. This week’s winner: #PleasedToMeatYou by Senior Account Director, Mitchell Nover.



Moschino x McDonald’s

Couture with a side of fries, please.

Back in 2014, Moschino launched its “fast food couture” collection, one of them being a McDonald’s inspired collection.

If fast food couture is your thing, but not in your budget, the “Big Mac Shop” was created in Sweden with the purpose of wearing Big Mac leggings, t-shirts, etc. Check out the collection here.










Flame-Grilled Fragrance

When Burger King Japan announced they would be selling a Whopper scented perfume on April 1st, people thought it was an April Fools joke. Turns out, it wasn’t. The fragrance was in fact sold in all Burger Kings in Japan for $42 along with a flame-grilled Whopper on the side. According to reviewers, the scent wasn’t quite Whopper-y, but it still sold out!









Brian Wolter, a Danish designer, created a Burger King “Fly Through” that looks like a mini Burger King to feed the birds in the area. The birdfeeder is solar powered and has LED lights to let birds know they’re open 24 hours.






Pizza Hut Nailpolish

“Meat Me After Midnight” and “Dough You Need Me” are some of the names of the nail polish that Pizza Hut Australia created for their Valentine’s Day promo.









Don’t Forget To Brush

Colgate Thailand created a campaign aiming to motivate children to brush their teeth after eating sweets by… giving them ice cream. Once the ice cream lollipop was done, the stick was shaped like a toothbrush that said, “Don’t forget,” with the Colgate logo.










Finger Lickin’ Good

Similar (but different) to Pizza Hut’s nail polishes, KFC created edible nail polishes. You read that right, flavors/shades include “Hot & Spicy” aimed to taste and look like Tabasco hot sauce, “Original Recipe” aimed to taste like their famous fried chicken. Now this brand, took biting your nails to a whole new level…










Pass The Heinz

For all the Mad Men fans, remember when Don Draper pitched his “Pass the Heinz” campaign? It is now being executed in real life by Heinz’s current agency, David Miami, and it’s giving credit to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, Don’s fictional film.











IKEA’s most recent invention is what we’ve all wanted this whole time. The company’s prototype engineers in their Sweden HQ have been working for a while to bring us furniture that snaps together.










Climbers document their Everest attempt on Snapchat

Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards set a goal last year to climb Mount Everest with no supplemental oxygen while documenting it on Snapchat, their story used the hashtag #EverestNoFilter. This year, the dynamic duo is going at it again and is being sponsored by Eddie Bauer and Strava.







Uber and Airline Partnership

Uber and airline Transavia partnered to offer in the course of a week, real time last minute flights from the nearest airport when opening the app. Once you pick your destination, the price [of the ride, plus ticket] was included. The campaign was launched in three cities: Paris, Lyon, and Nantes.







Zocdoc’s Emoji Search

Zocdoc is an app that allows users to find doctors and schedule appointments. Their latest activation is with emojis in order to be more user-friendly. There are options like for heartburn, for allergies, and for travel medicine.








IMS & Snapchat Expand Partnership

Internet Media Services (IMS) is in charge of creating campaigns in Latin America from advertisers such as Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Samsung. The partnership with Snapchat began in Brazil with sponsored lenses and branded filters and is now expanding to Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia.

CNN en Español 20th Anniversary

The network first aired on March 17th, 1997 to cover global events such as politics, entertainment, news, and history throughout the years. 20 years later, the platform reaches over 49 million Spanish-speaking homes between Latin America and the United States.

Spanish TED Talks

TED partnered with Spanish U.S. network Vme TV in 2015 to create a 13 episode tv series focused on how Hispanics can help shape a better future. Each episode of the “Soy TED” series had different Hispanic figures such as Ismael Cala, Daniel, Cerezo, and Jamie Seidner.


Folding Bike Helmet










Prosthesis That’s Built To Play








Shoes that tie themselves (Nike Hyperadapt 1.0)










Wearable robotic glove (to restore hand movements)








RockOrange welcomes its newest RockStar, Frances Ramos, to its award-winning agency

Frances is a seasoned publicist who specializes in media and influencer relationships that organically grow brand footprints in U.S. Hispanic and Latin America markets.

She comes to RO after five years of agency experience. She has worked with a slew of Fortune 500 clients, including McDonalds, Target and AT&T. While engaged with McDonalds, Frances helped create public relations and social media campaigns for the company’s education, food and music platforms.

Most recently, Frances helped MasterCard promote financial technology and electronic payments as a preferred method of payment in Latin America. Frances’ deep understanding of how to connect a brand’s values with Hispanic consumers makes her a valuable new member of the RO team.

A graduate of the University of Central Florida, Frances is an avid writer and part-time fashion blogger. Her blog,, is a series of dispatches from Frances’ inner “fashionista,” where she details and documents trends in the fashion world.

“I want to bring some spunk to RO,” she said. “Everyone at RockOrange is really talented and motivated and I’m looking forward to growing with the team.”

RockOrange Part of Team Recognized for Helping Broker Peace Between World’s Biggest Burger Chains


Last Tuesday, the prestigious Cannes Lion Awards, considered by many the gold standard for industry recognition in advertising, twice recognized the McWhopper campaign, ideated by Young & Rubicam New Zealand.

As part of RockOrange’s ongoing relationship with Burger King, our team was recognized for its work to deliver a robust issue management process just in case the call for peace didn’t go according to plan. RockOrange also worked closely with Burger King’s other agencies on marketing ideation and materials review.

The Grand Prix awards, won in the media and print & publishing categories, went for the revolutionary campaign that saw Burger King bring competitors to the table to put aside their petty differences and raise money for the cause of peace.

“I think our Grand Prix reflects so much of what it good about the industry,” said jury president Nick Waters, CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network Asia Pacific, in an interview with AdWeek. “This is a case of a big brand. And big brands sometimes find it difficult to move quickly. This is a case of a big brand taking on an even bigger competitor, moving quickly, being bold, acting within the brand, acting cheekily, reacting to events, bringing consumers in.”

The campaign began with an open letter to McDonalds CEO Steve Easterbrook, offering an olive branch in the form of a shared burger in honor of Peace Day. The burger would use ingredients from both McDonalds Quarter Pounder sandwich and Burger King’s Whopper sandwich. The chains would meet in Atlanta—a midway point between the brands’ respective headquarters in Illinois and Miami—and open a McWhopper pop-up, with proceeds going to Peace One Day, a non-profit organization dedicating to spreading peace.

And while archrival McDonalds refused Burger King’s overtures, other fast casual and quick service restaurant brands like Denny’s, Wayback Burger, Krystal and Giraffas all opted into the campaign, successfully creating the Peace Whopper.

This is far from the first recognition for RockOrange, which earned a nod for PR News’ ‘Facebook PR Campaign of the Year’ in April, and was named ‘New Agency of the Year’ by the Bulldog Reporter and The Holmes Report in 2014.

The Cannes Lion Grand Prix awards were accepted by Young & Rubicam New Zealand, who conceived the campaign. Agency partners Code & Theory, Alison Brod Public Relations and The David Agency were recognized as well.

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