How Can Brands Turn A #Fail Into a Win?

Last week marked the kick off of the 2016 NFL season and with it, the much anticipated start of fantasy football. However, on Sunday the ESPN Fantasy Football app, which everyone and their mother uses to track their stats, went down and consumers took to Twitter to vent their rage… or post hilariously mocking memes.

For today’s constantly connected consumers who are checking their phones around 46 times a day, the internet, and more specifically, Twitter, has become a ‘social telephone’ to call in complaints about brands and customer service in real time. And those customers expect a response. Fast. However, while 78 percent of people who complain to a brand via Twitter expect a response within an hour a 2015 brandwatch study discovered that only 46.6 percent of brands engaged with any tagged @mentions (which were categorized as neutral, questions or complaints) with 64.6 percent responding to questions within five days and only 11.2 percent responding within one hour.

Nevertheless the opportunities for brands to turn their social media #fails into wins is possible. Which is why this week we’re turning to our RockStars to get their advice as we ask – How Can Brands Turn A #Fail Into A Win?

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Drone. Your. Story.
It’s just a gimmick right? Actually, drone video production has taken off (sorry!) in the past five years as equipment has become better more affordable and videographers have pushed boundaries. Brands, agencies and outlets are regular practitioners, and you should be too. Don’t succumb to the fear that stems from thousands of dollars in equipment floating hundreds of feet in the air. In this practical workshop, we’ll produce an actual drone film and walk through some of the less-considered aspects of drone video production, from budgeting to location scouting to software management. When you’re done, you’ll be ready to go out there and drone the shit out of your story.
In this session you’ll learn:
• How much you should be budgeting for drone footage.
• What makes a great location for drone footage.
• If you should do-it-yourself or bring in an expert.

And in the meantime check out the video we produced for Miami’s Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science using drone footage.

Don’t Just Rely On The Media–Own Your Platform
Today, communicating is an egalitarian pursuit. While the media remains a crucial component, they are no longer the sole gatekeepers. So what if we can use our own platforms to get our story out? What if messages can be delivered directly and unfiltered to the masses? Owning your own communications platform today is a necessity—from hives of active social networks to relationships with influencer advocates, clever curation to advance/rapid response crisis teams, it has never been more important for brands to grab the narrative by the throat and own the story.
Learning from the award winning campaign we ran to launch the Thalia Sodi for Macy’s fashion line, we’ll discuss:
1. How you can decide which channels you should be (and shouldn’t be) using to tell your story.
2. What role the media should play in your communications strategy.
3. How Macy’s made internet history by owning its platform.

Live Obituary for the Press Release (& Buzz Words)
“Why won’t they pick up my story?” The answer: your pitch probably sucks. Did you use words like “innovative,” “game-changing,” or “disruptive” to describe your project? Do you work in a “space” or “vertical”? Are you building a “mission critical” “platform” for “enterprise” deployment? Does you business plan call to “monetize” its “value-added” “positioning” to reach an “inflection point?” And did you share all of this information via press release, that stale, antiquated last bastion of hackneyed public relations? If so, get ready to “pivot” to a new “paradigm” where we all agree to just say what things are and what they do. Can you “ideate” that?
Our managing principal, Miguel Piedra will run this session where you’ll learn:
1. How to cut the crap from your press releases.
2. How to craft pitches that journalists will actually pay attention to.
3. What the buzzwords are that journalists hate the most and what should you use instead.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you in Austin!

How Can Non-Sponsoring Brands Leverage the Olympics Using Social?

The 2016 Olympics are going to be consumed digitally with 64% of people planning to watch the Games on a mobile device, two-thirds likely to look for news on Facebook and Instagram and around 80 percent expected to check out relevant news feeds on Twitter.

 Clearly the online audience generated by the Olympics is going to be huge. And brands are going to want to leverage the Games to reach that audience. But, according to a stern warning sent out by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), if you’re not an official sponsor you’re not allowed to use the official hashtags like #Rio2016 or #TeamUSA and you’re not allowed to post video of photos of the Games.

 Now while that is going to be hard to police, non-sponsoring brands wanting to stay on the good side of the IOC need to find different ways to reach those consumers.

 That’s why this week we’ve tapping our RockStars for their best backdoor marketing ideas as we ask – How can non-sponsoring brands leverage the Olympics using social?



Are Influencers Influencing?

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing channels. In fact 84% of marketers surveyed by eMarketer said they were planning to launch an influencer campaign within 12 months. And, in general, that investment is paying off. Data from RhythmOne found that average earned media value from US influencer marketing programs was 1.4 times as high in H1 2015 as the average in all of 2014, at $9.60 for every $1 spent, vs. $6.85 the previous year.

 However, influencers with the most followers don’t necessarily get the most likes which is why identifying the right influencers is cited as the biggest challenge when rolling out an influencer engagement strategy.  

 So with that in mind we asked our RockStars – Are Influencers Influencing?


RockOrange Welcomes Rafael Aguirre

In communications, digital is the way of the future. Agencies that hope to remain viable in the future need team members who can tell an array of stories across all of those platforms.

So it is with this in mind that we proudly welcome our agency’s new digital strategist, Rafael Aguirre, into the fold. Our latest RockStar sports an expertise in digital marketing and an in-depth knowledge of the realm of social networking. Rafael has a proven track record of organically increasing brand awareness online while developing a lasting correlation with consumers—skills heavily sought after by our brand partners.

Recently, Rafael has crafted impactful campaigns for numerous large brands, including Volkswagen, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, Royal Caribbean and Marriott.

Rafael says he approaches jobs by trying to understand a brand’s core needs, then by working to identify trends and opportunities that are authentic to the brand. He has extensive expertise in dealing with the U.S. Hispanic market, the largest growing demographic in the country.

A graduate of Full Sail University in Orlando, Rafael got his start in the industry as a digital product production coordinator for Sony Music. Most recently, Rafael was at Miami-based Nobox where he was a social media strategist.

“Social media is the untamed, wild west of the web,” he says. “It’s powerful because it’s instant. You reach millions of people directly.”

At RockOrange, Rafael will tailor client content to best reach end users using search engine optimization tools that help brands navigate the internet wilds. In short, he’ll help our clients brands shine online.

Why Snapchat?

It’s official. There are more people snapping every day than they are tweeting. 150 million daily users in fact compared to Twitter’s 140 million. And it’s not just Twitter. Snapchat now sits second only to Facebook in the amount of time users spend in social apps beating out Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger among others.

So we asked our RockStars – Why Snapchat?

 Here’s what they had to say.


RockOrange Wins PR News Social Media Award with History-Making Facebook Campaign

RockOrange has added another award to its growing list of accolades by taking top spot in the ‘Facebook PR Campaign’ category at this year’s PR News Social Media Awards.

Why did we win? Quite simply because, with Macy’s and Thalia, we made Facebook and Fashion history.

In early 2015, RockOrange incepted and managed the first-ever Facebook Fashion show to promote the launch of Macy’s first-ever Hispanic-backed exclusive clothing line Thalia Sodi for Macy’s. The show aired live on Thalia’s Facebook page to millions of fans around the world and RockOrange reached across social media platforms and promoted the hashtag #thaliaformacys, which became a top trending term during the event and in the hours that followed.

The activation was a drop-dead success on all levels. As the first-ever Hispanic-backed exclusive clothing line to span several internal departments at the quintessential department store, the Facebook runway reveal also became the first of its kind in the history of the ubiquitous social network. The launch was one of the largest in Macy’s history.

More than 5,987 people viewed the show live and 410,134 more engaged with the event live. In its first 15 minutes of broadcast, some 34,000 people viewed the video of the fashion show. Over the next two hours, that figure ballooned to over 300,000. Today, more than three million people have seen the show.

Beyond the immediate success of the show, our Facebook Live Streaming was a trendsetter for numerous other brands that would execute similar campaigns in the following year. The trend has been followed most recently by Versace, Kate Spade, IDENTITIES, organizers of London and New York Fashion Weeks, and, ahem, Crochet Empire’s jock strap fashion show, just to name a few.

The full list of winners from this year’s PR News Social Media Awards can be found here.

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