June 20, 2015 rockorange



With Father’s Day just around the corner, we took a look at some of our favorite TV dads for a little bit of guidance on the journey ahead.

1. Go to college. Even though student loan debt is at an all-time high, you should still consider a continued education. Graduates still out-earn people without degrees, which is great, since someone needs to pay for those loans when Sallie Mae starts blowing up your phone. Or, you can work at a shoe store like Al Bundy. No judgment.



2. Take chances. The older we get, the more we tend to overthink things. Peter Griffin reminds us to stop second-guessing ourselves and just go for it. Mom can bail you out of jail later.


3. Keep an open mind about what you’re doing. Danny Tanner reminds us that we can pull a Miley Cyrus whenever we want and reinvent ourselves, our careers, and our idea of what constitutes appropriate dress in public.



4. Be weird. It’s 2015. If anyone tells you to “blend in” they must have been cryogenically frozen in the 50s and woken up yesterday, not realizing Hipsters are a “thing” now. Carl Winslow shows us how it’s done.


5. You’re not going to win ‘em all. The important thing is that you walk away learning something new and becoming a stronger person. Until Deebo finds you, anyway.


6. Take control of your life. Unless you’re the president or Kim K., you really shouldn’t care what people think. Follow Walter White’s advice here and just do what you want (well, maybe as long as it’s not illegal).


7. Enjoy the little things. Stupid people and frustrating D’Oh! moments will always be there. Find time to enjoy the small stuff and you won’t sweat the big stuff as much.

Happy Father’s Day!


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