August 24, 2016 rockorange

What Lessons Can Brands Learn From #LochteGate?

Ryan Lochte has returned from Rio with more than just a handful of medals. #LochteGate has dwarfed all his achievements – and ended a number of lucrative sponsorships – which begs the question if his “taking full responsibility” in a nationally televised interview days after the event was enough?

You can’t help but draw comparisons with the other major sporting scandal that happened earlier this year – Maria Sharapova’s implication in a doping scandal. But while the tennis star’s forthrightness was a case study in proper reputation management and, as our managing principal wrote in an article in PR Week, should be considered a “blueprint for crisis communications” – so successful in fact that some are suggesting her ban may be lifted by the end of this year – Lochte’s continued denial and delayed public response is a case study in exactly what-not-to-do in any situation where reputation is on the line.

When it comes to reputation management the same rules apply for a brand as they do an individual which is why this week we’re asking – What lessons can brands learn from #LochteGate?

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